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Born in Tokyo. Under the influence of her grand father, KONDO Rei (a Noh player of the Hosho school), she got familiar with Japanese traditional music. Studied the recorder, the ocarina and the shinobue under UESUGI Kodo. Studied the shinobue under TAKARA Sanzaemon. At home and abroad mainly for the shinobue, she has made performance and composition on the media or at concerts. Adding solo activities, she has joined and played in concert to various categories of Japanese instruments like the tsugaru shamisen, the koto, drums, the shakuhachi and others, and also the erhu, the sitar, the guitar, computer music, a poetry reading, an old tale telling and so forth. An instructor of NHK Culture Center and Yomiuri NTV Culture Center. The leader of Fue no Kai Fu-In.
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