Main composed pieces
@@@@@Typical pieces composed for the shinobue are registered.
Besides them, I have arrangements for the shinobue, and compositions and arrangements for the ocarina.
If the pieces have [PLAY] button, you can hear about 30 seconds to one minute of their first tune (MP3 56kbps)
TUYUNOHARANITE (At the Field of Dew)
Inspired by "Bekkanko Oni" written by SANETO Akira and composed for a solo on the high-pitched shinobue (the tenth tune, D). A pure and fantastic piece.
HANAGASUMI (A mist of flowers)
A shinobue solo featuring the touch of spring winds and dancing flower petals in the season of cherry blossoms. Gorgeously played on the shinobue of a little high pitch.
SESSHOUSEKI (The killing stone)
A composition for a shinobue solo of the fifth tune (A) inspired by the evil fox on the Noh song "Sesshouseki" It has somehow mysterious melodies but unexpectedly people of various ages and tastes love the piece.
KURAGE (The Jellyfish, the Sea Moon)
ACHARA (The farce)
ASAGAO (Morning glories)
A contemporary shinobue composition without typical category, which is widely inspired by the interesting word of being spelled in "a sea moon" and read in "a jellyfish". A solo for the low-pitched shinobue (the third tune, G).
I composed it because I wanted to play gentle scenery of Japan in a classical atmosphere. A shinobue solo (the sixth tune, Bb).
A shinobue solo of a quick tempo with a category of not Japanese-style nor Western-style (the sixth to eighth tune, Bb to C). Composed as an introduction for a funny story in the session with an old tale teller.
A shinobue duet of a very slow tempo (the sixth to eighth tune, Bb to C). I composed it because I wanted to express the curves of morning glory vines with the session of the two parts.
HI OU TOU (Scarlet and Yellow Lights)
A shinobue solo which expresses vivid coloring of autumn with changes of modes (the fifth or sixth tune, A or Bb).
HANA ARASHI (The Flower Storm)
CHOU NO MORI (The Forest of Butterflies)
KAKURENBO (Hide-and-seek)
A quick-tempo duet. Originally I composed it as an etude for fingers, but because it has popularity, I has played it in public when I have a partner (the third to eighth tune, G to C).
A composition as a contemporary shinobue duet.
The fantastic atmosphere matches well the transparent sound of shinobue (the seventh tune, B).
A free solo with full of variety literally like tunes of winds (the fifth or sixth tune, A or Bb).
HU-IN (Meter of Winds)
YAMAWARO (The mountain child)
SAKURA HENSOUKYOKU (Variations of Sakura, Variations of Cherry Blossoms)
SUITENGU (The Drunken Tengu, the Drunken Long-nosed Goblin)
A solo with imagination where a drunken tengu is lonely deep in thought, or unexpectedly fly around from a tree to another with unsteady feet (the fifth tune, A).
A composition based on a story of a goblin who is said to appear in a mountain with a figure of a child. It has introduction on the nohkan (the Noh flute) and is performed on the high-pitched shinobue and drums (nohkan, the eighth tune (C), and drums).
Because there seem a lot of varieties in cherry blossoms, I tried to make all sorts of variations from "Sakura", a Japanese old song (the sixth to eighth tune, Bb to C).
A composition as a shinobue trio. I tried modernistic description of a playing scene in the twilight. It is seldom played because three flutists must meet together. Although the piece meets a very favorable reception (the sixth tune, Bb).
Compositions and arrangements
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GOSOKU (Five Breaths)
A piece to be made for training to control breathing. You should play a phrase in a breath, and the title is GOSOKU because the piece has five phrases (for low-pitched flutes).
SORA NO KIOKU (Memory of the Sky)
A piece on the images of the passage of time from ancient to contemporary ages (the sixth tune, Bb).
TSHUKI NO MEGURIUTA (A Circling Song of the Moon)
A composition based on the episode of "Yokobue" (a flute) in "The Tale of the Heike". I tried to express how time calmly passes (the eighth tune, C)